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Our Trusted Partner for Hajj Pilgrimage: Umrah Booking

Our Trusted Partner for Hajj Pilgrimage: Umrah Booking

Hajj is a once-in-a-lifetime journey for Muslims, and at Umrah Booking, we strive to make this sacred pilgrimage as fulfilling and stress-free as possible. Our comprehensive Hajj packages are tailored to provide an exceptional experience, allowing you to focus on your spiritual duties.

Premium Accommodation:

We offer stays at top-rated hotels close to the Haram, such as Mayer Mayasser in Makkah and Fundaq Fursan in Madina. For those seeking additional comfort, our 3-star options include Rushad Al Majid in Makkah and Rou Al Kher in Madina, both located within walking distance of the Haram.

Flexible Room Options:

Our packages cater to all group sizes and budgets, with options ranging from sharing rooms to double rooms. Prices start at PKR 63,000 for a sharing room and go up to PKR 233,000 for a double room in our standard packages, and from PKR 92,000 to PKR 294,000 in our 3-star packages.

Comprehensive Inclusions:

Our Hajj packages cover all essential services, including visa processing, round-trip airfare, and local transportation. Additionally, we provide Ihram clothing, guidebooks, and other essentials to ensure a smooth and comfortable pilgrimage.

Dedicated Support:

Our experienced team is committed to providing round-the-clock support throughout your journey. From the initial booking process to the completion of your pilgrimage, we are here to assist with any needs or concerns, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Spiritual Enrichment: We understand that Hajj is not just a physical journey but a deeply spiritual one. Our packages include guided tours to significant Islamic sites, lectures by esteemed scholars, and opportunities for group prayers and reflections, enhancing your spiritual connection.

Health and Safety: Your well-being is our top priority. We ensure that all our packages comply with health and safety regulations, including COVID-19 protocols, to provide a safe and secure environment throughout your pilgrimage.

Join thousands of satisfied pilgrims who have chosen Umrah Booking for their Hajj journey. Contact us today to learn more about our Hajj packages and begin your preparations for this sacred pilgrimage.

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